• About

    Alex Jacques is a fine jeweler who works and resides in Providence, Rhode Island. He grew up with a strong interest in the visual arts and music and attended Berklee College of Music, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Music Performance. Visual arts took a backseat while he focused on music, until his passion for object-making was rekindled in his post-college years. Alex has since been mastering metalworking processes, honing his skills at jewelry making, wax working, and knife making. He originally focused on creating one-of-a-kind custom straight razors but his work has since shifted to crafting fine jewelry. His inspiration comes from a love of nature and a dedication to acute detail. His research process includes collecting source images and samples, drawings, and upon occasion participating in cadaver anatomy workshops; this translates to the meticulously crafted and intricate jewelry that he is known for.

    His art currently draws from an interest in the timeline of life. His belief that the only thing left of us when we die are our physical remains gives life to his pieces. He explores those remnants of our physical shapes and turns them into hard carved, sculptural fine jewelry. He enjoys trying to modernize and further explore the idea of memento mori as well as the over-arching theme of nature. 

    Alex’s work is held in private collections around the globe, and has been featured in multiple publications such as Martha Stewart’s Whole Living and Blade Magazine. In 2013 he was awarded a RISCA Assets for Artists Grant, and was a 2022 recipient of the DesignxRI Catalyst Grant.